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The UK’s first digital fuel card, powered by Certas Energy

Simple, Seamless, Speedy & Secure.
A new way to pay for fuel is just a tap away…

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FuelTapp is the UK’s first digital fuel card allowing users to pay for fuel at Certas Energy bunker sites using an app-generated PIN, eliminating the need for physical cards or cash.

FuelTapp enables you to manage users through an online portal. Add and remove users on the portal and create more cards with speed and ease giving efficiency and control of your cards to you.

With no cards to be lost, stolen or cloned or set PIN codes to remember you instantly improve security measures when using FuelTapp.

Even better, for new customers to Certas Energy, you could be credit approved and use FuelTapp app to pay for fuel within 30 minutes.

As the first to bring this game-changing technology to the UK, we’re excited to welcome you on board with a new way to pay for fuel that is simple, seamless, speedy and secure.

Tap into the benefits of managing fuel spend online

  • Easy-to-use online platform
  • Multiple drivers per account
  • Multiple fuel cards per driver
  • Financial savings on fuel
  • Digital transactional data available in 24 hours
  • Quick registration process
  • Theft-proof digital design
  • Environmental benefits with no plastic cards

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